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<center>The Buffalo-Red River War</center>

The Buffalo-Red River War

Indian and Buffalo Removal precede the coming of the JA Ranch & the Open Range

<center>Where Canyon Meets Cattle Ranch</center>

Where Canyon Meets Cattle Ranch

Adair and Goodnight put down stakes in Palo Duro Canyon

<center>Ghost Horses</center>

Ghost Horses

Free Indian life ended on the Southern Plains when 1500 Commanche & Kiowa horses were destroyed in Tule Canyon in the Red River War of 1874. Stories tell of ghostly horses that still stampede through the canyons by night...

<center>Sheridan's Teepees</center>

Sheridan's Teepees

Gen. Phil Sheridan is the silent partner of this saga. From Chicago, he oversees pacification of the Great Plains and railroad expansion, just as the Adair's pay a visit. He briefs them on the Indian Problem and provides an army escort to protect their buffalo safari.



Views of the free plains, before and after the Red River War



Where and how our fates are linked...

<center>Happy Trails to You...</center>

Happy Trails to You...

The Many Endings of "Staked Plains"